Why draw from sculptures?


Three reasons:

They are three-dimensional but they don’t move.
Unlike models… This allows you to study them in great detail through refined drawings.
They are white.
So you can observe the interaction of light and form very clearly. This helps to develop of a strong sense for communicating form change through tonal change in a drawing.
They are examples of good design.
Drawing a Bernini bust will make you aware of how the human form can be conceptualized, how tension is shown, how there is a fractal harmony throughout these works. Of course this depends on the selection of the sculpture.

Below are some of my cast drawings from my time at Angel Academy of Art. All of them required between two and four months to complete – time spent earning myself much of my drawing foundation. I remember joining the school and being unable to imagine how I would possibly complete one of these. After many hours of work and sharpening observational skills, there is deep satisfaction in framing a finished study like this. Even more valuable than the new technical ability is the psychological resilience that is formed by continuing until the work is complete.

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