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Master the craft of drawing.

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Master the craft of drawing and make artwork you are proud of.

Use code “DORIAN” to get the guide for free.

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Portrait of Marshall Vandruff

"If you care about your art, learn from Dorian."

Marshall Vandruff

Artist & Teacher
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"Dorian's information is a game changer."

Lip Comarella

Art Director at Netflix

"One of my favorite art teachers in the world."

Kyle Webster

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The Shading Course

Learn how to bring your artwork alive. 

🖥 27 crystal-clear video lessons
🏋️‍♂️ 27 hands-on homework assignments
👨‍🎨 weekly live feedback sessions
▶️ 50+ hours recorded feedback

Focused Drawing Guides

Erase less, draw more.

Master drawing tonal values.

Bring your artwork alive.

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