The Values Guide is here.

My best tips on drawing tonal values.
10 years of teaching experience in a guide package you can watch/read in 1 hour, designed 
to be immediately usable in your own artwork.

The Values Guide
Values Guide Package

Topic Overview

PART 1: Introduction
Explanation of tonal values, relativity, and range.

PART 2: Values from Observation
How to organize values when working from life.

PART 3: Values from Imagination
How to invent values.

Pen and ink portrait painting from observation

Drawing from Observation


“When drawing from observation, I get overwhelmed 
and confused by the complexity of my subject.“

Having a clear process to keep tonal values organized. 
I use the technique of Value Grouping for this. I explain and demonstrate how it works in the guide.

Pen and ink portrait drawing from imagination

Drawing from Imagination

“When drawing from imagination, I don’t know how to choose my values. I’m lost.”

To draw from imagination, I use the Halfway-to-Black method. In the guide I explain and demonstrate this as well.

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About the Instructor

Dorian Iten draws, paints, sculpts and teaches.
He completed his classical painting education at Angel Academy 
of Art in Florence, Italy and studied Entertainment Art at The Art Department in the USA. Dorian has served as director of the Digital Art & Design program at Barcelona Academy of Art and currently lives in a small village in the Swiss mountains.

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