How to Organize Values with a Value Study

Do you ever get confused about values?

In this livestream I demonstrate a tool that you can use to make sense of them – it’s called a value study.

Value Grouping

If you understand the principle of value grouping, your drawing process will become much more straightforward. I made a poster for my Values Guide that might be useful as well. You can download it below.

8 thoughts on “How to Organize Values with a Value Study”

  1. Teresa
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    Thank you so much for this! I love your website!

    • Dorian
       ·  Reply

      I’m glad to hear that! Cheers Teresa!

  2. Reshma
     ·  Reply

    Hi, thanks for such simplified explanations.

  3. simran
     ·  Reply

    its reaally helpful thanku so much sir

    • Dorian
       ·  Reply

      You’re welcome, Simran!

  4. Sergio
     ·  Reply

    Thank you!

    Later I´ll read your articles related to HRV Training and Mindset.

    A big hug from Chile.

  5. Kiriaki
     ·  Reply

    Very helpful. Thank you,

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