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www.dorian-iten.com is the main website of artist & teacher Dorian Iten. It exists to share art instruction with the global artist community.

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Following the beautiful example of Leo Babauta at Zen Habits, all articles at https://www.dorian-iten.com/articles are uncopyrighted as of November 2020.

This means I’ve put them in the public domain and released my copyright on all these works.

There is no need to email me for permission — use my articles (text and images) however you want! Email them, share them, reprint them with or without credit. Change them around, put in a bunch of swear words, and attribute them to me. It’s OK.

Attribution is appreciated but not required.

Eventually, I’d like to make all of my work freely available, but I’m not quite ready. That said, the Accuracy Guide has always been “Pay What You Want”.

Why I’m releasing copyright

I wholeheartedly agree with Leo’s philosophy here. He has uncopyrighted all his writing. If it has worked for him since 2008, I trust it will be fine for me.