11 things many artists don’t see

The greatest gift of learning how to draw and paint is that I can see things now that I didn’t see before. My life is so much richer. I think it’s important for all of us to cultivate this sensitivity. But for artists, it is vital. The more you perceive, the more you can play with. This refinement happens naturally as we develop skill. Just like a musician will gradually begin noticing more subtle sounds, a writer becomes more specific in choosing the right words. To be a good chef, your senses must be able to distinguish the tastes of different ingredients.

This heightened awareness might be the most meaningful reward in the pursuit of mastery. Not only can you take it with you wherever you go, but it can translate into other areas of your life, making everything more juicy.

I would love to guide you in refining your visual sensitivity by introducing the concept of Modeling Factors. Stay with me! It’s easier than it sounds.

Modeling What?

Modeling Factors describe the interaction of light and form. This is the subject I have specialized in teaching over the last 6-7 years. My goal is to explain the principles in a way that makes them available to you immediately. These are tools that you can use in your drawing and painting today.

See the video below to get to know the 11 Modeling Factors.
(If you’re wondering, the course I refer to is Mastering Light & Form.)

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