How to draw what you see

drawing teaching notebook

In my work at Barcelona Academy, I always carry a small notebook with me. During critiques sometimes words are not enough (or my Spanish might just be unintelligible…) and I often make little drawings to help get a point across.

Last semester I illustrated my take on the drawing process I learned at Angel Academy of Art. I printed the steps and glued them into my notebook. I used these 5 pages more than anything else throughout the semester.

Bringing it online

The images of the process were so helpful in different contexts that I think they might benefit… you! 🙂
I should make it clear that this is not the way to draw. Don’t look for the way. Gather information and construct your way. If you can stay loose and relaxed, this is an extremely effective approach for any drawing from observation that benefits from accuracy. (Portrait drawing, Bargue drawing, cast drawing, still life painting, etc.)

Without further ado, here is the online version of the guide, complete with an audio walkthrough. Enjoy!how to draw what you see - step by step guide