How much does it cost to study at Barcelona Academy of Art in 2020?

Students at Barcelona Academy of Art

A few days ago, I received this email from an artist:

Hey Dorian,
I’d like to attend Barcelona Academy of Art. The biggest thing for me right now is finances and knowing how much approximately I might need for each year of study. If you can share approximate costs for things such as food, accommodation, materials, transport or any other costs I’m forgetting to mention I’d really appreciate that!

I thought I’d share my response to him here as a resource for art students considering academic training. Since I teach at Barcelona Academy of Art, some of these numbers are specific to Barcelona. The categories, however, would be similar for atelier schools teaching academic drawing, painting, and sculpture around the world.

My rough estimates would go something like this:

  • Tuition: Around 3’000€ per trimester.
  • Rent: Roughly 300-500€ for a room in a shared flat, 600-900€ for a small flat?
  • Food: €100-200 per month depending on your needs/habits?
  • Transportation: A 10-trip metro ticket costs 10€.
  • Materials: This is the part I know the least about. Any BAA students reading this, could you share how much you spend on materials on average? In the first year, I’d estimate about 20-50€ per month on average. In the digital program, students need Photoshop + Laptop + Graphic Tablet. Oil Painting students in the second or third year will spend a few hundred euros on paint, brushes, canvas, etc. each year. I’m not sure about the cost of sculpture materials.
  • Travel & Move/Shipping: Getting yourself and your stuff to Barcelona. Plane tickets and shipping costs. This obviously varies a lot depending on how far you’re traveling and what you’re bringing.
  • Entertainment: You might want to visit museums, sights, and go out with other students, etc.

I hope this helps. I’m sure I forgot some important things, so please feel free to add your comments and questions below!


PS. One category I didn’t mention is art books… 😉 Here’s a list of recommended books for artists.

8 thoughts on “How much does it cost to study at Barcelona Academy of Art in 2020?”

  1. Nanine
     ·  Reply

    Hi Dorian,
    I only track a couple schools but you’re off some on tuition:. In London, LARA is 4370 euro per trimester (I converted from 3,750pounds); Florence is 5,250euro per trimester; Grand Central in NY is $12,500 biannual semester, plus studio maintenance fee $500 a year and international student fee of $500.
    BAA is a bargain. Of course, cost of living in Barcelona and climate is far superior to either London or NY. As for Florence, I heard gossip that FAA went up because it was going to become certified for college accreditation. Of course, you, Jordi, et al are in a better position to find the skinny behind that tuition hike.

    Other thoughts: if a student has a NIE, they can get a bicing card for about 55euro good for a year.
    Shipping. I wouldn’t ship anything. Cost is too high. Only bring what you can pack in a couple suitcases.

    Big consideration for non-Europeans. You’re in Europe! You want to visit The Louvre, the Uffizzi, the London museums, Vatican city, Amsterdam. Try to create a fund to go visit Europe’s treasures. It would be a sin for anyone from another continent to study here without seeing the art that inspires us! That’s plenty from me.

    • Dorian
       ·  Reply

      Thank you Nanine!

  2. Valerie
     ·  Reply

    Hi I was wondering if you knew of any scholarships tailored specifically to art study in Barcelona/Spain. There is a grant / loan system in the UK which does not cover other countries (obviously lol). Thanks, Valerie

    • Dorian
       ·  Reply

      Hi Valerie,
      I don’t unfortunately. But I’ll let you know if I find out!

  3. Erin
     ·  Reply

    This sounds like fun, but are the classes taught in English or Spanish? I am not sure my Spanish is strong enough for college level classes, yet 🙂

    • Dorian
       ·  Reply

      Hi Erin,
      Classes are taught in English at Barcelona Academy of Art, although most instructors also speak Spanish.

  4. Gention Qeli
     ·  Reply

    Hi can you work while studying so that you can cover your expenses like rent etc and is there any scholarships to help students and what kind of scholarships

    • Dorian
       ·  Reply

      Hi Gention,
      I think it is smarter to save up money and then make time just for studying. I have seen the best results with students who are able to focus on their intensive studies, connect with the community, and rest. It is possible to take classes part-time, but progress is much slower, which can be frustrating.

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