Understanding Ambient Occlusion

Here is a video walking you through the creation of an Ambient Occlusion (AO) study. Almost nobody talks about this, but AO is hugely important in creating realism in your artwork!

Ambient Occlusion is one of 11 modeling factors. Dive deeper here!

The original artwork is by the wonderful J.B. Monge.

Watch the video, then make your own AO study!


2 thoughts on “Understanding Ambient Occlusion”

  1. Rey Vargas
     ·  Reply

    Hey Dorian, I keep coming back to your demo’s and purchased videos. They’re a gift that just keep on giving! thanks for making such amazing lessons.

    • Dorian
       ·  Reply

      Awesome, that makes me very happy! 🙂
      Thank you Rey!

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