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Learn to draw accurate proportions

We want to make beautiful artwork. Any artist whether painter, writer, or singer, is on the search for sensitivity and control; at least to some degree.

Throughout my studies as well as in my teaching, I keep seeing a central challenge. There is one constant struggle that eats up nearly all the drawing time. It is trying to get the proportions right. Failing. Erasing. Redrawing, again and again...

Struggling with proportions is the #1 time-eating monster in drawing. And “not getting it right” is so draining that it can even kill the desire to keep drawing. I’ve been there…

There is a better way.

And it's way more fun, I promise :)

There is a way to draw without so much erasing and redrawing. What if you knew that each mark you made was precisely in the right place, and you could proceed confidently without guessing or feeling like the drawing was out of your control? 

What if accuracy became one of your strong suits?

I've always had the desire to make beautiful work and draw with confidence. This drove me to research and design a number of solutions. And this is what I'd like to share. So I am distilling everything I know about the subject into a learning pack.

This guide is designed to help you see better, perceive more, and express with more accuracy. I think that it can make your work more potent.

Accuracy - A Drawing Guide

Package Contents

  • Guide eBook (15 page PDF)
  • Video Lesson (20min MP4)
  • Step-by-Step Video Demonstration (20min MP4)
  • Cheat-Sheet (1 page PDF)

Get the Guide Package. Pay what you want.

Video Previews

The video lesson takes you through different techniques for drawing accurate proportions as well as good habits to establish when drawing.

The step-by-step video demonstration shows how I apply the concepts explained in the video lesson and PDF guide on a master copy project from start to finish.


The guide has received endorsements by great folks I respect and admire such as James Gurney, Sterling Hundley, Sadie Valeri and more!

 Anthony Waichulis 

 Trompe L’oeil painter, Co-Founder/Director of Ani Art Academies 

It is easy to be inspired by Dorian’s passion for drawing while watching “Accuracy: A Drawing Guide”. His newest educational resource engages in a fun spin on the most common heuristics that representational artists employ in their hunt for drawing accuracy. With a delivery vehicle that is accessible to artists at any experience level, Mr. Iten carefully walks the viewer through a successful representational drawing effort from earliest considerations to realized linear construct. I will definitely recommend it to our students.

Mayec Rancel

Senior FX TD, Double Negative

I have never seen anyone so dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate about teaching. The positivity, and the amount of time, energy, work and effort that Dorian gives to his students is a wonder and a privilege.

Fernando Suira


In the 5 years I have been studying art I have been to many different classes, some of them good, many of them bad, and if I had to pick the best of them all it would have been my class with Dorian. Feedback, clear and complete lessons and motivation, all in one package.

Adam Paquette

Artist & Storyteller

Having witnessed Dorian at work, I can vouch for the efficiency and truthfulness of his methods. Not only does his passion for visual accuracy inform beautiful works of art, but his finesse in observation extends into an eye for detail in every area of his life, seeking truth and beauty in all facets of the world around him. Dorian is a ‘seer’ of remarkable dedication and authenticity.

Get the Guide Package. Pay what you want.

About the Instructor

Dorian Iten draws, paints, sculpts and teaches.
He completed his classical painting education at Angel Academy 
of Art in Florence, Italy and studied Entertainment Art at The Art Department in the USA. Dorian has served as director of the Digital Art & Design program at Barcelona Academy of Art and currently lives in a small village in the Swiss mountains.

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