Mastering Light & Form

Learn to shade with confidence.

On-demand video course with Dorian Iten

There is magic in understanding light.

Light breathes life into our artwork.
It's emotion, story, beauty and color.

Ultimately, controlling light allows us to create more freely. That's what this course is about. I have developed it by working with students over the past 8 years and seeking out the finest teachers across artistic disciplines. My intention is to give you the most applicable insights about creating realistic images. And to help you make artwork you are proud of.

This course is for artists that communicate through images – painters, illustrators, concept artists, matte painters, and animators. Even though the word "mastering" is in the title, it is designed to be transformational at any experience-level.

More information and a free preview is below. Enjoy! πŸ™‚


Here is part of the first lesson, showing the 9 projects the course takes you through.

Marshall Vandruff

"If you care about your art, learn from Dorian."

Dorian's skill as an artist stands out as almost super-human, but his skill as a teacher is every bit as sensitive and thoughtful as his art. He devotes himself to making learning easy for his students. If you care about your art, learn from Dorian.​

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I did it and had a blast! :)

Praise from Students

Mayec Rancel

Senior FX TD,
Double Negative, UK

"Dorian is dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate about teaching."

I have never seen anyone so dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate about teaching. The positivity, and the amount of time, energy, work and effort that Dorian gives to his students is a wonder and a privilege.

"This course structured the way in which I draw now."

​​​​​I found the course I took with Dorian especially helpful as it structured the way in which I draw now. It helped me to constantly be aware of values, light and form which lead to a habit of automatically thinking of it when drawing. With his calm and patient nature, he managed to explain all important aspects of light and form in an understandable way, giving assignments that let you apply practically what you have learnt in theory. I can really recommend Dorian as a teacher to anyone interested in drawing better!

M​arkus Stadlober

Freelance Artist, Austria

Fernando Suira

Freelance Artist,

"There's no course out there more simple to tackle such a complex subject."

In the 5 years I have been studying art I have been to many different classes, some of them good, many of them bad... If I had to pick the best of them all, it would be this class with Dorian Iten. I think there's no course out there more simple to tackle such a complex subject.

Get instant access to the full course

Buy lifetime access for $197. You can watch the course on-demand (streaming) or download the lessons and keep them forever.

About the Instructor

Dorian Iten

Dorian has been called a Human Render Engine. After spending four years immersed in old master drawing and painting techniques in Florence, Italy, he has been traveling and teaching at numerous art institutions across Europe and the United States. Dorian currently serves as the Digital Art Program Coordinator at  Barcelona Academy of Art in Spain.

He is the author of Accuracy: A Drawing Guide.

His website is at

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get feedback on my assignment submissions?

The course format is "on-demand", meaning each student works through the assignments at their own pace. There is no feedback from the instructor, but students across the UArtsy learning community are able to give each other feedback. The more you give, the more you get!

Are there any prerequisites?

The principles covered are useful at any level of experience, beginner to professional. In order to complete assignments as demonstrated, it is helpful if you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop and digital painting foundations. Ctrl+Paint is a great resource to learn more!
That said, you can of course tackle assignments in any medium of choice.